Tinmouth was chartered in 1761. As the town developed, the Tinmouth Congregational Society was formed and faithfully served the community for over 80 years. During the mid 1800’s, the church moved away from its Congregationalist roots and developed a Methodist affiliation. As a rural church in the 1900’s, it was a center of the community’s cultural and spiritual life. 

There is only one small church in Tinmouth, but it is an important part of our community. On Sunday mornings it is a place for Christian worship. It is also where people celebrate baptisms, marriages and the lives of their loved ones. During the Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons, attendance swells as more people feel the need to worship together. In addition to supporting our spiritual essence, it serves the community in other ways. It is a center for activities. It brings music to us. It becomes the heart of special celebrations. Without our church there would be a void too great to contemplate.

Today those who enjoy worship and fellowship and who support the Tinmouth Church represent many denominations – Catholic, Lutheran, Congregational, Quaker, Presbyterian, Unitarian, Methodist, a truly multidenominational group. The present day Congregational Society embodies the spiritual nature of this diverse population.

The Congregational Society is organized as an independent religious society governed in the democratic tradition of the congregational church. Our primary role is to support the multidenominational character of the Tinmouth Church.  With deep respect for the historical affiliations of past and present congregations in Tinmouth, the Society faithfully supports the Tinmouth Church in its efforts to welcome visitors and members from the entire Tinmouth community and neighboring towns. We are committed in love and service to each other, to our community and to neighbors throughout the world; and we are dedicated to the wise stewardship of God’s creation.

The Congregational Society buttresses the Tinmouth Church as a community of faith, worship and service where mutual support is paramount. Members of the Society give their offerings through the  Society which in turn gives a monthly contribution consisting of these offerings to the Tinmouth Church. The Society has also given to missions such as the Methodist Retired Ministers’ Fund, soccer cleats for a Rutland County foster child; the Church World Service Blanket Fund and the Church World Service Tool Fund as well as the Red Bird Mission.

One of our most important community projects has been raising funds to purchase three octaves of English handbells and musical chimes. The Society owns these instruments, takes responsibility for their maintenance and care and oversees their uses. The bells are housed centrally at theTinmouth Church.  We encourage the entire Tinmouth community to join in ringing and in enjoying this special musical activity.

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