Tales August 2009


         Music is in the air, especially at the Community Church.  New Handbells are ringing thanks to the generous donations of many people in our community and beyond, as well as to the tireless efforts of Nancy Noble who made it all happen. 

         A wonderful thing about handbells, is that you don’t have to be able to carry a tune in order to play them.  Anyone who is willing to work with others can help create delightful music with just a little bit of effort.  Each person in the handbell choir takes responsibility for one or more bells/notes, and comes in when it is their turn.  The tune flows as note builds on note, until a beautiful whole is created.

         If we could step back far enough from our lives, we might see that a similar thing is true there.  Often we attempt to control the whole of our lives and those of the people around us.  But if we could just take care of what is ours to do, then we might discover that other folks have notes to ring as well, and that what we all create together might very well be better than anything we could accomplish on our own.  We might even make some beautiful music in the process!

         You are warmly invited to be a part of creating something wonderful - whether it is ringing a bell or two, or adding your notes to the whole in other ways.  Come and help us create a sanctuary of hope, healing and beauty for all who need a respite from the hectic pace of life.

 May your life be filled with blessings,  Shirley Oskamp,  Pastor