The Old Church
The Old Church

The Tinmouth Historical & Genealogical Society (THGS) has published a history of The Congregational Church of Tinmouth.   A copy of that history is available in the Tinmouth Library and copies may be purchased from THGS.  The following paragraphs are extracts from the THGS history.

        Soon after settlement, long before the bounds between church and state were defined, many Vermont towns erected meeting houses in which town meetings, as well as religious services were held.  Church issues, such as the cost of preaching and the hiring of ministers, were voted on at town meetings.  Tithingmen, who kept order in church and collected the monies for the church, were also elected by the town.  Thus, one of the items of business at the town's second meeting in March 1775 was to select Thomas Hutchinson, Ebenezer Allen and Solomon Bingham to serve as Tinmouth's first "tidingmen" who were "to keep good order on Sabbath days".

        The Congregational Society in Tinmouth, which existed until 1870, originally met in members' homes.  Its first church building was erected in 1784, and during the remainder of its history, it utilized two other buildings, the first built in 1797 and the second in 1836.  This last building was taken over in 1870 by the Methodist Society and used by it until the structure burned in November 1968.

The THGS publication goes on to present a more detailed history of the meetinghouses, biographies of ministers, and records of the Tinmouth Congregational Church which existed until 1870.  
A current initiative will endeavor to produce and publish a history of the Tinmouth church from 1870 to the present day.  The present church building was completed in 1970 by the people of the Town of Tinmouth and has been used since then as  the Tinmouth church.    

Tinmouth 1910
Tinmouth Circa 1910