Tinmouth is a rural township southwest of Rutland and about half way between Killington and Manchester.  First settled in the 1760s, Tinmouth's residents currently number about 615. The congregation is as diverse as the town.  Church attendance varies between 15 and 40, often doubling for holiday services or other special occasions. 

Newcomers tell us we are an unusually gifted group of people, and it is true that many in our congregation have made special contributions to our church life, helping to lead services or prayers, serving as readers, offering a sermon when the minister is away, finding a way to solve knotty financial and maintenance problems. We know we have the best pie makers in Rutland County! Our choir is small, but active and joyful, all musicians volunteering their time.  The acquisition of a set of hand bells has further enhanced our musical worship--go to the Music page of this website to learn more.

We are open to different modes of worship, but many of us find reassurance in the traditional modes as well -- "The Basics," as they have been called, not the gimmicks.  

After 240 years, the Tinmouth Congregational Society still is part of the congregation.  For more information about that group, CLICK HERE.